Clean and sanitised air for your health

Biocidal action

Neutralizes the

0 %
of virus and bactteria

Zero - Waste

Circular Economy

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reuse of resources

minimum maintenance

Automatic washing system

maintenance costs

The importance of sanitation and indoor air quality

The COVID-19 emergency has taught us that an air sanitized by pathogens is fundamental for health at all times. For this reason Aersafe has developed a product to fight pathogens and viruses!

History of copper in the medical field

Copper and its compounds have been used as disinfectant agents for many centuries. Since the nineteenth century, the discovery of a causal link between diseases and pathogens has revolutionised modern medicine.

AERSAFE has developed a patented and validated technology that exploits the capture efficiency of electrostatic filtration, combined with copper biocidal action.


AERSAFE has developed a unique, patented and validated technology by Savilab and Lachiver, accredited analysis laboratories ~ Accredia.

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