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AERSAFE is an innovative startup that owns the patent for indoor air sanitization, born from the idea shared by the founding members, to tackle the problem of air quality by combining the technical skills of individuals.

Hence the development of a technology that aims to capture the virus and destroy it by means of a biocidal substance.

A low maintenance technology, without waste generation, in full respect of the principles of circular economy.

The founding members:

Enrico Borghetti, doctor responsible for the technical-sanitary aspects of the solution.

Enrico Borghetti

Presidente aersafe

T.A.M.A. Aernova Spa, European leader in the production of filtration systems.

Michele Chini

T.a.m.a. Aernova SPA

Manica Spa, leader in the production of copper-based products.

Michele Manica

Manica Spa

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