Aersafe technology starts from a known action of capturing micrometric particles (such as bacteria, e.g. legionella) and sub-micrometric particles (such as viruses), by means of electrostatic filtration, which represents a sort of physical “capture” system, with which a certain amount of air is treated and purified from the pathogenic microorganisms dangerous to humans that are blocked on the walls of the filtering device.


The sanitization process is based on the innovative principle of combining and managing the action of two components:

  • the collection of pathogenic substances thanks to the electrostatic filter;
  • the inactivation of pathogenic substances thanks to the biocidal liquid (copper-based compound in aqueous solution).

The electrostatic filter has the function of capturing the greatest number of particles present in the air, including viruses, bacteria, spores and so on, releasing clean air into the environment. The biocidal liquid in turn is sprayed at regular intervals on the filter collection plates and has the function of inactivating previously captured viruses and bacteria. This function also makes Aersafe equipment safe even during technical maintenance. This technique is unique in the world and has been patented as a sanitization procedure.


Our system does not generate waste because the sanitising solution that is replaced during the programmed maintenance phases of the devices, is recovered and then regenerated at the Manica Spa plants, thus obtaining a filtering system based on circular economy that reuses and does not waste. The withdrawal of the liquid to be regenerated takes place in total safety as the solution is sterile due to the biocidal effect of the product.

Biocidal action

Neutralizes the

0 %
of virus and bactteria

Zero - Waste

Circular Economy

0 %
reuse of resources

minimum maintenance

Automatic washing system

maintenance costs


Aersafe technology in a standalone solution for indoor environments. Compact, easy to install and effective.


The application of Aersafe technology to ventilation systems in large buildings, such as airports, shopping centres or museums.

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